My name is

Axel Samuelsson

I like making web sites, and I am currently studying Computer Science & Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm, Sweden. And by the way, that photo is clickable.

I have a CV in Swedish, and you can contact me at

Junigör UF

Made the website using a bootstrap inspired design, but made from scratch to fit the customer's needs more closely. Site is currently live at


Found myself bored with the design of computer calculators, and decided to try to cook up an alternative. SimpleCalc was the result. This is currently live at

TV tracker provides a great services, with some fantastic API:s, but I always felt they lacked presentation. This is how I prefer to look at my progress page. This is currently live at


Made the conference app for IDG's conference for all things web: Webbdagarna. With agenda, speakers, sponsors and all that jazz. Not live anymore.

Jep's Delivery

A friend in Arizona needed a website for his delivery service. Due to complications, the service was shut down, but he was pleased with the website. Therefore, it is currently not live either.